How to View Bot Performance on Reports

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On Qontak, you can see bot performance via the Report menu. This feature allows you to see how the bot is performing in handling customers, such as seeing how many chat rooms the chatbot has resolved. Here are the steps.

  1. Enter the Report menu.
  2. And select Bot Performance.
  3. Then the bot performance report will be displayed as follows.


    Report Name/Button



    Bot filter

    To filter reports based on a certain time range.


    Ikon download

    To download the report.


    Conversation resolved by bots

    Shows the total chat that has been resolved by the chatbot.


    Conversation assigned to agents

    Shows the total number of conversations assigned to agents

  4. Apart from that, you can also view the Performance trend graph, which contains a comparison between conversations resolved by bots and those assigned to agents.
  5. Next, you can see a report from Bot response performance which shows which bot responses are displayed the most to customers.
  6. There is also a Bot Response Performance Detail List report which displays the performance of each bot response that you have.
  7. Lastly there is the Fallback rate, here it will display how many Fallback messages were triggered and shows the Confusion Rate of the Bot Response.

    You can download the Bot response performance, Bot Response Performance Detail List and Fallback rate reports by hovering the cursor over the right corner of each table then clicking the “Download” icon.