How to Make Additional Settings on the Response Bot

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In the response bot that you have created in the Qontak Chatbot, you can make additional settings, namely, Resolve conversations to finish conversations automatically and assign agents to certain conversations.

A. Additional Settings

You can also set up a response bot to finish the conversation automatically. This setting works if you want the bot to finish a conversation that the questioner has not responded to. Here are the steps:

  1. Click on one of the Bot Responses for which you want to set the resolution of the conversation (Resolve conversation).
  2. Then, the Bot response settings sidebar appears on the General tab, which you can use to set Additional Settings from the chatbot conversation. There are 3 additional settings on the Qontak Chatbot, here are the explanations:

    To learn an explanation of the General tab as a whole, you can access it here.

    No. Additional settings Explanation
    1 Default Select this, if you want to set the bot response with default settings, which means the bot response settings will match the settings you have set on the Chatbot Menu Settings tab. Learn about how to set Default Bot Response settings here.
    2 Resolve Conversation Select this, if you want to set the bot response to complete the conversation automatically. This setting works if you want the bot to finish a conversation that no longer gets a response from the questioner.

    - Complete Closing Message to close the conversation.

    - Check Set user idle time to set an idle time before the bot closes the conversation (optional).

    3 Assign Conversation

    Select this, if you want to specifically organize the conversation by specifying which agent the asker will connect with (Assign Conversation). With this action, if the Bot has responded to incoming user input, the system will automatically assign an agent who will continue the conversation.

    - There are 3 types of assign agents:

    1. Auto: The system will automatically select an active or online agent to respond to the conversation, the system is round robin or randomly selected.
    2. Division: The system will assign agents based on the division you choose here (select from the chat panel).
    3. Agent: Select which agent to assign (select from the chat panel).
    - Check Set user idle time to set an idle time before the bot closes the conversation (optional).

  3. Then, click “Save” to save the settings.
  4. If you want to set a bot response to complete a conversation, you can click on one of the Bot Responses that you want to set.

B. API Integration

This feature allows you to connect the system with a chatbot via API, allowing the bot to send / retrieve / save / ask data from the end user to the client system.

  1. Click on one of the bot responses you want to set.
  2. Go to the API integration tab and check Use API integration.
  3. Select the Connection that you created previously in the Chatbot Settings.
  4. Select API method and enter API path.

    - You can fill in API methods with GET, POST, PUT, PATCH, DELETE, COPY, HEAD, and OPTIONS.
    - You can enter the API path with your API path.

Connection, API method, and API path are columns that you must fill in.

  1. Next, you can optionally fill in the following information. These optional columns are API header (json format)API body (json format)API response body successAPI response body value, and API fallback bot response. You can fill in these columns according to your API code.
  2. If all the required sections have been filled in, go back to the General Tab and in the Bot Response Content enter {{CONTENT_API.(the data you want to base on the API)}}
  3. Then click "Save" to save.

C. Qontak CRM

To use this feature, you need to activate Qontak CRM first and connect it to your Qontak Omnichannel, read the guide here and learn the Qontak CRM settings here.