Supervisor Access Overview

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In the use of the Chat Panel, Admin is one of the accesses used in accessing the chat panel with the following conditions:

  1. Open your Omnichannel Account. Then enter the Username and Password. Then click "login".


  2. You will be directed to the main Omnichannel page.


    Admin can access Inbox, Broadcast, Contact, Chatbot, Reports, Finance and Channel Integrations.

  3. Under the conditions, Supervisor can also access online/offline status and room history in the inbox form.

  4. In the Channel Integrations Webchat Menu, Supervisor can open the settings form by clicking "Settings".


  5. On Channel Integrations Whatsapp, Supervisor can open the settings form by clicking "Settings" or clicking "+ Add Whatsapp Account" to connect a Whatsapp account.


  6. In Channel Integrations Facebook, Supervisor opens messenger by clicking the "open" icon and connects another Facebook account by clicking "+ Add Facebook Account".

  7. On the Instagram Channel Integrations menu, Supervisor can view registered Instagram and deactivate the Instagram account by clicking "Disconnect" and can also connect other Instagram accounts by clicking "Add Instagram account".

  8. On the Channel Integrations Email menu, Supervisor can open detailed email information that has been registered.

    Click an email > then the system will open the Email Account Information form.

  9. On the Channel Integrations Telegram menu, Supervisor can set up a telegram channel by clicking "Settings".

  10. On the Channel Integrations Twitter menu, Supervisor can view Twitter accounts connected to Qontak.

  11. On the Channel Integrations Line menu, Supervisor can only see connected Line accounts.


  12. On the Channel Integrations Livechat menu, Supervisor can only see connected Livechat accounts.


  13. On the Qontak CRM Channel Integrations menu, Supervisor can see a list of registered Qontak CRM accounts.

  14. Meanwhile, on the Settings menu, Supervisor can access the following submenus.