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Package Usage on Qontak Omnichannel describes the activity of using and managing quotas for inbound and outbound messages displayed in graphs and reports.

To see the Package Usage view on the Web, you need to follow these steps:

    1. Log in to your Qontak Omnichannel account.
    2. Select the  Package Usage  menu and click  Conversation .

    3. Then, you will be directed to the following page.
    4. At the top right, there are buttons:
      - Learn More which if you click will be redirected to the Overview Package Usage guidebook page.
      - See purchase history which functions to view your top-up history.
      -and Top up balance to do self-top up Monthly Unique Visitor and WhatsApp Balance.
    5. In the Balance usage section, you can see the remaining quota balance given to clients each month. The amount that appears here is following the package taken, or under the agreement with the consultant.

      WhatsApp conversation quota and monthly unique visitor quota (initial and top-up) will be reset at the beginning of each month.
      a. Available Users: The number of available users, to be registered in the Chat Panel (users with agent/supervisor roles that can be created, admins are not included).
      b. WhatsApp Conversations: The number of conversations you get every month is following the subscribed package. Users can use it to carry out conversations with category service (UI).
      The conversation is free of charge if the User receives a message from the Call to Actions button on an advertisement that leads to WhatsApp or the Call to Actions button on a Facebook page. As of March 1, 2023, the conversation window of the Facebook ad CTA button will be extended from 24 hours to 72 hours.

      - Customer A sent a message today at 10:00 WIB, then was replied to by the client (or auto responder / chatbot) at 10:05 WIB. Then 1 conversation will be counted from 10:05 WIB today, until tomorrow at 10:05 WIB. When customer A sends a chat again tomorrow at 10:30 WIB, then two (2) WhatsApp Conversation quotas will be used.
      - Customer A sent a message today at 10:00 WIB, then the SPV/Agent/auto responder/chatbot did not reply at all, so the conversation will not reduce the WhatsApp Conversation quota.
      - The client sends a broadcast message to 100 people (unique phone number), so this will use a quota of 100 WhatsApp balances. The WhatsApp Balance quota will be reduced at the price according to the category

      c. Unique Visitor: contains the accumulative balance of the first / quota subsidy given to the client and the balance of the Top Up monthly unique visitor made by the client.

      - Customer A sends messages with the WhatsApp number 628912345678 many times in 1 month. This will use up One (1) unique visitor quota.
      - Customer A sends a message but uses a different channel, namely Instagram. Then this will consume One (1) unique visitor quota, which is different from chats from WhatsApp.

    6. In the WhatsApp balance section, the balance from the Top Up made by the client will be displayed. WhatsApp Balance balance can be used for Business Initiated with three categories (utility, authentication, marketing) and service categories after the WhatsApp Conversation balance runs out.

      - WhatsApp Balance can be transferred in the following month if there is still a quota left in the previous month.
      - If there is a negative amount in the Additional WhatsApp Balance, the amount will be reduced automatically via the Initial WhatsApp Balance and there will be no change in the WhatsApp Balance usage report.
      Sample case:
      1. Partial Settlement
      You have a negative Additional WhatsApp Balance nominal amount of - IDR 500,000 and an Initial WhatsApp Balance of IDR 350,000. After paying off, the Initial Balance amount will be reduced by the Additional Balance, so that there will be a remaining negative balance of - IDR 150,000 and your Initial WhatsApp Balance will change to IDR 0.
      2. Full Settlement
      You have a negative Additional WhatsApp Balance nominal amount of - IDR 500,000. Then there is an Initial WhatsApp Balance of IDR 500,000. After repayment, the Initial Balance will be reduced by the Additional Balance and there will be no remaining negative balance. In this case, your initial WhatsApp balance will still be IDR 0.

    7. Then, there is also Usage trend which functions to see the usage of the number of unique visitors, service category (user initiated) and all business initiated categories: marketing, utility, and authentication.

      - You can click “WhatsApp Conversation” or “Unique Visitor” to filter the view from the graphic. The blue line shows the balance of WhatsApp used and the green line shows the number of unique visitors used.
      - Users can filter by date to view charts for a certain period with a maximum filter of 3 months
      - You can click Service Conversation, BI Conversation or Unique Visitor to filter the view from the chart. The purple line shows the balance from BI Conversation that has been used. The green line shows the number of unique visitors used. and the Blue Line, showing the balance of the Conversation UI in use.

      1. There is also a detailed usage report on the balance of the broadcast usage used. You can click "Download" to download detailed report information in csv form.

        Users can filter dates to view or download broadcast reports, WhatsApp usage, and unique visitor usage.

        In this section, there is a Category template which is divided into 3 parts, namely:
        - Marketing is a template category on the Broadcast menu intended for sending promotional offers, product announcements, increasing customer awareness and interest in products or brands.
        - Utility is a template category in the Broadcast menu for sending important detailed information, such as delivery updates, orders, accounts, and certain alerts.
        - Authentication is the template on Broadcast that you choose when you want to send a verification code to your customers for account access or other specific access that requires verification.

        You can choose the most appropriate category according to your broadcast needs. Different prices for each category will take effect on 1 June 2023, the table below is a simulation of price changes for Indonesian users:
        - The price above is only a simulation of price changes for Indonesian peer-to-peer conversation rates in Rupiah. Price details here.
        - The above prices and schemes are subject to change at any time in accordance with Meta's policy.
        - The above prices do not include Qontak management fee.

        Due to the change in pricing terms, please note that as of 1 June 2023, the MCC is only applicable to the user initiated conversation (services) category, no longer applicable to the business initiated conversation (marketing, utility, authentication) category.

    8. You can see all the usage of WhatsApp Conversation and WhatsApp Balance balances according to their usage in this section and can click "Download" to download report details in CSV form.
    9. You can see detailed reports of the number of unique visitors used. You can click "Download" to download detailed report information in CSV form.