How to Self-Top-Up Unique Visitor and WhatsApp Conversation

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In Qontak, you can already do a self-top-up unique visitor and WhatsApp conversation, where you can top up your WhatsApp conversation balance independently without having to contact the Qontak support team. Here are the steps:

    1. If your unique visitor or Whatsapp conversation balance is below 40%, then you will get a notification to top up as follows.
    2. To top up a unique visitor or WhatsApp conversation, you can go to the Package Usage Menu, and click "Top up balance".

      This top-up balance will have the status of "Paid". If the payment is made in accordance with the nominal on the sales order and if your company applies income tax deductions, then you can top up through the Qontak support team.

    3. Then, you will be redirected to the top-up balance page as follows.

    4. Enter the unique visitors or WhatsApp conversation balance or both (if you want to top up the number of unique visitors or Whatsapp conversation balance).

      - Minimum top-up of the number of unique visitors is IDR 300,000/500 unique visitors. Multiplication applies. Especially for Monthly Uniq Visitor (MUV) top-up, split top-up does not apply to the Self Top-Up system, so the amount you write will be automatically filled in on the Qontak system. If you want to split the MUV top-up, please contact the Qontak Support team.
      - The minimum WhatsApp conversation top-up balance is IDR 1,000,000. So, if you input below IDR 1,000,000, the system will automatically adjust it to IDR 1,000,000.
      - If you have an outstanding balance, when you top up, the system will pay off the outstanding balance first.
      - The remaining balance will be set as an additional top-up balance. For example: If you have a remaining balance of IDR 5,000 and top up your balance of IDR 1,000,000 then:
      * IDR 5,000 → will be used to pay off the outstanding amount.
      * IDR 995,000 → will be topped up as an additional balance.

    5. Click "Continue to payment" to make a payment.
    6. After that, you will be redirected to the booking confirmation page. On this page, you can still make changes to the order and a summary of the order will also be displayed. If you are sure, you can click "Confirm payment".

      Billing info will also be sent to the email address listed on the booking confirmation page.

    7. Then, you will be redirected to the sales invoice page of your order and can select the payment method you want to use. You can pay using a Virtual Account, a Credit Card, or an OVO.
      1 (2).jpg

      - A sales invoice is only valid until n+1 (the next day at 23.59). If it is later than n+1 at 23.59, we recommend creating a new sales order.
      - It's important to note that payments made via credit card will incur an additional transaction fee of 3.5% based on the total amount billed for creating a new sales order.

    8. After the payment is successfully made, your payment status in the Subscription section located in the Settings Menu will change from Awaiting payment to Paid.

    9. You can click "Download invoice" to download the invoice proforma. Here's a look at the downloaded proforma invoice.

      If you need a tax invoice payment, please contact the Qontak support team by sending proof of the sales invoice that you have downloaded.

    10. You will also receive a confirmation email that the payment has been successful.

      Payment emails can only be sent to the email of the user who requested the top-up. If you need to cc to another email, we recommend that you forward the confirmation email that we send you.