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  • Omnichannel - Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Overview Product

  • Overview of Qontak Omnichannel

Log In

  • How to Login to the Web version of Qontak's Omnichannel
  • How to Login to the Mobile version of Qontak's Omnichannel


  • The Qontak Omnichannel's Web Version Inbox Menu Overview
  • The Qontak Omnichannel's Mobile Version Inbox Menu Overview
  • How to Filter Inbox on the Mobile Version
  • How to Filter the Inbox Mobile Version
  • Incoming Message Sharing Scheme to Agent
  • How to Access Room History on Qontak Omnichannel Mobile Version


  • Broadcast Menu Overview
  • WhatsApp Blast Message Category on the Broadcast Menu
  • How to Create a Broadcast Template Message
  • How to Create a Broadcast List
  • How to Assign a Campaign to a Division or Agent
  • How to Send WhatsApp Blast Messages


  • Contacts Menu Overview
  • How to Add Contacts
  • How to View and Edit Contacts Details


  • How to Activate and Set Up Chatbot Conversations on Qontak
  • How to Create a Welcome Message Chatbot
  • How to Manage User Input and Bot Response on Chatbot
  • How to Make Additional Settings on the Response Bot
  • How to Set Fallback Defaults on Qontak Chatbot
  • How to Publish a Chatbot


  • Reports Menu Overview
  • About the General Report Type - Omnichannel
  • Explanation of Report Agent Performance Type
  • How to View and Download Broadcasts on Reports
  • How to View and Download Contacts on Reports
  • How to View and Download CSAT on Reports

Package Usage

  • Package Usage Menu Overview
  • How to Self-Top-Up Unique Visitor and WhatsApp Conversation


  • Integration Menu Overview
  • How to Integrate Qontak CRM
  • How to Integrate Qontak with Whatsapp Cloud
  • How to Integrate Facebook Messenger
  • How to Integrate Instagram
  • How to Integrate the Comments Feature with an Instagram Account


  • Settings Menu Overview
  • How to do User Management Settings - Users
  • How to Change Personal Information on Qontak Omnichannel
  • How to Set Division in Agents Management
  • How to Set Agent Allocation in Agents Management
  • How to Set Broadcast in Agents Management

Account Access

  • Supervisor Access Overview
  • Getting to Know the Differences in Accounts on Qontak Omnichannel
  • Admin Access Overview
  • Agent Access Overview