How to Activate and Set Up Chatbot Conversations on Qontak

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A chatbot is a software or program that serves to simulate human conversation through text or voice interaction. Chatbots are usually used to perform simple tasks. You can use this feature on the Qontak Omnichannel. Activate Qontak Omnichannel by contacting our support team at Once active, you can access it on the Chatbot Menu.

A. How to Create Chatbot Conversation

These are the steps to follow:

  1. Log in to your Omnichannel account.
  2. Click on the Chatbot menu.
  3. Then, click “Create Chatbot” to setup chatbot feature.

  4. Then, you will be directed to the following screen.

  5. To create a chatbot conversation, click“Create Conversation”.

  6. Enter the required information.





    Conversation Name

    Fill in the name of your chatbot conversation



    Enter the channels (channels that have been registered in the Channel Integration Menu) that you want to use in this chatbot conversation.

    You can enter more than 1 channel.


    NLP Connector

    Native Language Processing (NLP) on chatbots can be used to apply certain trigger keywords to chatbots, so that chatbots can respond to users according to the response you have set.
    If you enable the NLP Connector, you must select the language to be used.

    There are 2 language options, namely Indonesian and English.


    Use Trigger keywords (Optional)

    Check Use Trigger Keywords to enter certain keywords that serve as chatbot triggers to start a conversation.

    - Use a comma (,) or enter (↲) to separate multiple keywords.
    - If the NLP button is activated, the user cannot use Trigger Keywords.


    Conversation Operational Hours

    Select Conversation Hours of Operation (Date or Time of Chatbot to respond to user conversations on a predefined channel), based on the following times:
    • 24 Hours: select this, if the Chatbot will operate for 24 hours.
    • Schedule: select this, if the Chatbot only operates on certain days and times.
    • Date Range: select this, if you want the Chatbot to only operate on the selected date range.
  7. Click “Create Conversation” to save.

  8. Then, you will be directed to the Chatbot Conversation Flow page.

  9. Click “Chatbot” to return to the home page of the Chatbot Menu.

  10. Then, you will be directed to the start page of the Chatbot Menu (Dashboard).

    On this dashboard page, you can manage your Chatbot conversations, where you can view information such as:
    - Chatbot conversation name (Conversations Name).
    - Channel used in Chatbot (Channel).
    - Last Modified conversation information.
    - Publish Chatbot conversation status (Status).
    - Conversation settings (Manage), which contains options:
        - Conversation Settings: To change Chatbot conversation information.
        - Set Status: To set the status of the Chatbot conversation (Publish or Unpublished)
        - Delete the Conversation: To delete Chatbot conversations.

B. How to Set Up Chatbot

  1. You can click the “Open chatbot settings” button to enter the chatbot settings page.
  2. Then, you will enter the Idle Action tab. In the Action section, you can select Resolve  conversation if you want the conversation to be finished within a certain time.

  3. Next, you can specify the time information the conversation can be completed.

  4. You can also select Assign conversation if you want to set when and to whom the conversation will be assigned.
  5. Then determine the time the conversation can be assigned. And to whom the conversation will be assigned.

  6. You can also add a closing message. And click "Save".
  7. Next, you can make API settings by clicking “API Integration”. This feature allows you to connect the system with the chatbot via an API allowing the bot to send/retrieve/store/query data from the end user to the client system.
  8. You can see the list of API Integration that you have created here, you can also edit it by clicking the “edit” icon or delete it by clicking the “delete” icon.
  9. You can also create a new API Integration by clicking the “Add API connection” button.
  10. Enter a name in the Connection name field and a description in the Description field.
  11. Enter the Code.

    Code comes from the API documentation.

  12. Input the Base URL.
  13. Also include some other information (optional) based on your API documentation.
  14. If the required data is complete, click "Add".

That's how to activate and set up chatbot conversations on Qontak. Find recommended add-ons and products for you, here.