Verify Email on Qontak CRM

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Qontak's Customer Relationship Management (CRM) is a cloud-based application that helps you manage your company's relationships and interactions with customers, potential customers, and employee achievements and reports in real time. This application is available in web and mobile versions, it can help you improve your business relationship with customers.

To achieve the integrity and security of your data, Qontak CRM provides a User Verification Email feature where you can login using your email and verify it. Here's how to verify your Email in Qontak CRM:

  1. Enter your email in the Username field, and your password in the Password field. Then, click “Login”.

  2. Next, on the Email Verification page, make sure your email address is correct. Click "Yes, continue" to continue the verification process.

  3. If your email address does not match, select "Change email".

  4. Then, you can change your email on the page below by filling in the New email field. Then, fill in Confirm new email with the same email as in the New email field. Click "Send verification email".
  5. Then, you will get a notification that contains a command to view the Inbox or Spam on your email. Open your email in a new tab of your browser.

    If you have not received a verification email, then click "Resend Verification Email".

  6. The following is the display of the verification email from Mekari Qontak. Click “Verify Email” to verify your email.

  7. If your email is verified, you will automatically log in and enter it on the Qontak CRM Dashboard page and a pop-up notification will appear on your Qontak CRM page.

Those are the steps on User Verification Email on CRM Qontak.