How to Set NPS Score

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To measure overall customer satisfaction with your company's products or services and customer loyalty to the brand, you can enable NPS or Net Promoter Score. To enable it you can set it, you can follow the steps below.

  1. Click Setting, and Click Score tab.
  2. Then, click the NPS tab.
  3. The following is the NPS display in the Score menu section.
  4. Switch the Enable Net Promoter Score toggle button to ON.
  5. Fill in the main question.
  6. Then, fill in the Scale Answer.
  7. You can choose not to activate the Follow-up Question, use one Follow-up Question for the entire Score, and customize the Follow-up Question according to the Score.
  8. By selecting Use and Customizing Follow-up Question by Score, the process continues after filling out the Follow-up Question. You then need to fill in the Follow-up Question for Detractors, as below.

    You can customize the Follow-up Question according to the score i.e.; for Detractors (0-6), Follow-up Question for Passives (7-8), and Follow-up Question for Promoters (9-10).

  9. Then, you can fill in Message sent to customers, Header, and Thank you message.
  10. Here's a preview of the modified customer satisfaction question.