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How to do Account Management Settings - Users

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In Account Management, there are user settings that are useful for adding, editing, or even deleting users. This feature can only be accessed by Admin.

  1. To access it, you can go to Menu Settings > Account Management > User. Here's the view from Account Management - Users.


      1. All Role: You can click All Roles if you want to choose a user view based on Supervisor or Agent Roles.
      2. Search User: If you want to find a specific user, you can search through the Search User column.
      3. Edit & Delete: If you want to edit or delete users individually, you can click the "edit" and "delete" icons on the right side of the user column.
      4. Create User: If you want to add a new user, you can click Create User and fill in all the available fields as shown in the image below.
    1. You can change the user data by clicking the "Edit" icon on one of the users.
    2. Then, on the Edit User page, change the data or information (Change Avatar, Full Name, Email Address, Phone Number, Organization, Role, and Division) contained in the user by clicking on the column.
    3. Then, click "Save" to save the changes.


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