Contact Menu Overview

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Contact menu is a menu to perform database management. You can use this menu to manage information and activities related to customers or prospects.

  1. Here is the display of the Contact menu. You can view the entire list of Contacts stored in Qontak CRM. You can also view the name, Contact Info, Contact Association, Contact Status, Date the Contact was created and updated, and the CRM user who created the Contact.
  2. Here you can add, download, modify and delete Contacts in bulk.
  3. Meanwhile, to edit and delete Contacts individually, you can click the "Edit" and "Delete" icons on the right.
  4. You can also find a specific Contact by doing a search using "Filters".
  5. If you want to display more Contacts list, you can click the "Show" column.
  6. Then, to group the Contact list, you can click the "List" icon.
  7. To view Contact profile details, you can select the name of the Contact you are referring to. After that, you can see the entire Customer Journey from your Contacts as follows.