GPS Live Attendance Menu Overview on Qontak Mobile Version

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GPS Live Attendance is a feature to track the whereabouts of a Qontak CRM team or user. The function of GPS Live Attendance in general is to see if team members actually make a visit.

This feature can be used by companies that have a team of salesmen, technicians, couriers, or teams assigned or assigned to make visits or visits. By using GPS Live Attendance, you can see the travel route of your team and the team's last location.

In addition, this GPS Live Attendance will also record the status of the cellphone battery during check-in and check-out, so that the team's report results are completely accurate. This feature can be used in conjunction with the Task or Tasks feature, where your team members can check in and check out at the appropriate location in the Task.

When making a visit, your team can report the results of the visit into Tasks such as adding live photos. In addition, they can also input new contacts in the Contacts menu or new sales in the Deal menu.