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How to Integrate WhatsApp

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Integration is a Qontak Omnichannel feature where customers can connect various platforms with chat panels such as WhatsApp, Email, or Instagram.

Qontak is an Official WhatsApp API Business Partner. To integrate the chat panel with WhatsApp via the web version of Qontak, you need to know the following:

- Based on WhatsApp policy, you can only reply back to your customer within 24 hours of the last customer message. If it exceeds this time period, the message you sent will not be received by the customer.
- Integrating WhatsApp can only be done by the Qontak team.
- To integrate WhatsApp via Qontak omnichannel, you must have the WhatsApp Business API. In the early stages of onboarding, the Qontak Activation Specialist team will assist you in the WhatsApp Business API setup process and the WhatsApp integration process, please contact us here.

  1. Login into your Qontak Omnichannel Account.

  2. Select the Channel Integrations Menu, and select WhatsApp.

  3. On the WhatsApp Integrations page, you can add your WhatsApp Account, by clicking "Add WhatApp Account".
  4. For data entry from Qontak integration, please contact the Qontak team.
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