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  1. The Properties menu is used to edit and add fields/properties in certain menus. To edit and add fields/properties to the Contacts menu, you need to take the following steps:

    1. Select the Properties menu.
    2. Select the Contacts tab. Click “Create Property” to add fields/properties.
    3. Next, a display will appear like the following picture. You can then fill in the description of the property.
      No. Column/Button Names Description
      1 Field name (required) is the name of the new property we want to create on the Contacts menu.
      2 Field Type (required) The type field contains a choice of the type of property that you want to fill. If you click a field type, several property types will appear that you can choose from, including:
      The following is a field description that you can fill in: 
      - Single Line Text: fill in the field with a short text. 
      Dropdown Select: allows the user to select one of several options that appear as the field's contents.
      - The number: field can only be filled with numbers. 
      Date: field can only be filled with the date and the user can directly fill in manually using the dd/mm/yyyy format or clicking from the calendar that appears when filling out.
       - Upload: Field filling is done by uploading files.
      Multiple Select: allows the user to select more than one option that appears as the field's contents.
      Percentage: field contents will be automatically converted to percentages.
      Text Area: Fill fields with long text.
      Photol CRM will automatically open the camera for live shooting. Users cannot upload images from the gallery.
      URL: Fill in the field with a link.
      Signature: field filled with signature directly.
      - GPS: CRM will detect the GPS location when filling in the field with the type of GPS done.
      3 Set as required Set as required checkbox shows a check mark if it is clicked. Hence, the property/field must be filled in by the user later. The contact cannot be saved if the property/field is not filled in.
      4 Contacts addition page When the checkbox is clicked, the property/field description will display the contact details on the adding contact page.
      5 Contacts editing page When the checkbox is clicked, the property/field description will appear as contact details on the contact change page.
      6 Close/Save Click "Close" if you want to cancel or click "Save" if you are going to save the creation of this property.
    1. To edit fields/properties, you can click “Edit”.
    2. Through the edit feature, you can change the name and type of field (in custom properties only), Set to be required, Page to add contacts, or Page to change contacts. You can click "Save changes" when the changes have been made.

      - The following picture is the display of the change page on the custom field.
      - The following is the display of the change page on the Dropdown, Multiple select, or Checklist field types. You can edit Item name Item options by clicking on the column, delete them by clicking the “-” icon, and add content options by clicking “+ Add Option”.

    3. To delete a property/field that has been created (custom), click "Delete property". This option is only found in properties/fields that are not required.
    4. Hence, a confirmation popup will appear as shown below. Click “Delete” to delete the desired field.