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WhatsApp Blast Message Category on the Broadcast Menu

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On the Broadcast Menu, there are several types of message categories that you can choose from to submit a Broadcast/WhatsApp Blast message template. In this guide, there are explanations and examples of these categories. Here's a further explanation.

  1. Login to your Omnichannel Account and go to the Broadcast Menu.
  2. Click "+ Add New Template" on broadcast templates.
  3. So you will see several categories that you can choose from.

Categories on the Broadcast Menu-Templates

  1.  Account Update
    Account Update is a type of message category to inform customers about changes to their account settings. This type of message category helps customers identify activity on their accounts that did not exist before through WhatsApp. 
    In addition, the category-type messages, Account Updates, are also to notify customers of membership changes. 
  2. Payment Update
    You can choose to send a payment update to inform customers about billing, a notification that the transaction status has changed, or a notification that the transaction has been successful. 
  3. Personal Finance Update
    Personal Finance Update is a type of broadcast message category to inform personal financial conditions, such as sending salary slips or deposit amounts.
  4. Shipping Update
    Shipping Update is a type of message category that you can choose to inform customers about the status of the shipment. That way, customers are able to know the position of the ordered product and the estimated time of receipt.
  5. Reservation Update
    Reservation Update Chat Broadcast to inform you of updates to existing reservations. For example, customers may receive information regarding changes in travel plans, such as location or changes to booking a place to stay. You can select this type of message category when you submit a template.
  6. Issue Resolution
    Issue Resolution is the type of message category selected to handle complaints. If you have not resolved the issue within 24 hours, you can continue the conversation with the customer regarding the previous issue for the next 45 hours.
  7. Appointment Update
    Appointment Update is a type of message category to remind you regarding appointments. This prevents missed encounters from occurring.
  8. Transportation Update
    Transportation Update is a type of message category that you can choose to send customer travel status updates, such as changes to train schedules or boarding gates.  In addition, travel ticket updates can be via Whatsapp, which is accompanied by information on road directions, FAQs, or location maps to make it easier for customers to find their intended location.
  9. Ticket Update
    Ticket Update is a type of message category that you can choose to send the status of the ticket from customer complaints or questions.
  10. Alert Update
    You choose in the submission of the chat broadcast template to send important information or Alert Updates that must be reported immediately to your customers. For example, there is a malfunction or a problem on the platform that takes time for repairs that interferes with the convenience of customers.
  11. Auto Reply
    Auto Reply is an interactive message that you can enable in a broadcast message that you send. When the submission of the broadcast message template is approved, the recipient of the message can reply to the broadcast message automatically.

This is the end of the explanation of the types of message categories in the submission of the Broadcast Chat template on omnichannel Qontak.

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