WhatsApp Blast Message Category on the Broadcast Menu

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On the Broadcast Menu, there are several types of message categories that you can choose to apply for Broadcast/WhatsApp Blast message templates. This guide contains explanations and examples of these categories.

Here is a further explanation.

  1. Login to your Omnichannel Account and enter the Broadcast Menu.
  2. Click "+ Add New Template" under Broadcast Templates.
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  3.  Then, several categories will be displayed that you can choose from.

Categories - Categories on the Broadcast Menu - Templates

  1. Marketing Marketing is a template category on the Broadcast menu intended for sending promotional offers, product announcements, increasing customer awareness and interest in products or brands.
  2. Utility is a category of templates in the Broadcast menu for sending crucial detailed information, such as delivery updates, orders, accounts, and certain alerts.
  3. Authentication Authentication is the template on Broadcast that you choose when you want to send a verification code to your customers for account access or other specific access that requires verification.

This is an explanation of the message category types in submitting Broadcast chat templates on Qontak Omnichannel.