Broadcast Menu Overview

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The Broadcast menu is one of the features in the Chat Panel that allows users to be able to send messages to many people at once. This feature is also commonly known as broadcast messages. The Broadcast menu is available to convey information to many recipients at once but is still focused on a personal level. Not only that, but the time it takes to send messages to multiple contacts has become shorter and easier.

Here's a glimpse of the Broadcast menu on Qontak Omnichannel:

  1. Log in to your Qontak Omnichannel account.

  2. Select the Broadcast menu. Then, you will see all three features of the Broadcast menu, namely Recipient, Templates message, Campaign, and HSM Template.
    No. Features Explanation
    1. Recipient It contains lists of potential recipients of the message.
    2. Templates message To edit and create a new broadcast message template.
    3. HSM Template

    To edit and create an expired message reply template. 

    4. Campaign

    Combine templates and lists and analyze results from broadcast messages sent.

  3. In the recipient list feature, you can upload a list by clicking "Create recipient List" or the contact list of recipients of your message.

    You can upload the list after the contents of the broadcast message template are approved.

  4. Then, to send a broadcast message, you need to submit a Template message by clicking "Add New Template".

    The contents of the message template need to be submitted to the Whatsapp API for review and processing at least once every 24 hours. For more information on how to create a template, click here.

  5. Then there is the HSM template where you can edit and create a message reply template that will be received by customers or message recipients by clicking "Add new template".
  6. Then, Campaign is a feature that allows you to combine templates and lists that are suitable for sending broadcast messages and viewing logs of broadcast messages sent. Through the Campaign menu, you can send broadcast messages by clicking "New campaign message".

    You can check the activity of broadcast messages that have been sent through the See Log. For additional information, in one broadcast, you will be given a 2.5 minute delay to make the next broadcast.