How to View and Edit Contacts Details

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In Qontak, you can see the contacts of each customer who has a conversation in the Inbox menu. The data will be saved automatically. The saved name is the same as the customer's name in the Inbox. You can view and edit the contact details in the following ways.

  1. Click the Contacts menu.
  2. Then, click the icon like on the following image on the contact you want to view/edit.
  3. Here, you can see the contact details of the customer along with the conversations that have been made.
  4. You can also edit contact details starting from First Name, Last Name, Address, Priority, Address, Company, and Date of Birth.

    Fields marked ( * ) are mandatory.

  5. You can also add customer numbers or contact details by clicking "Add More".
  6. Select "Channel".
  7. For example, you want to add Whatsapp, then select Whatsapp then click "Select Integration" and enter the customer's Whatsapp number. After that, click "Add".
  8. Click "Update Contact" if you have finished editing all the data.