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Omnichannel - Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

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SSO (Single Sign On)

  1. What is system SSO?
    SSO is a system where users can access all Mekari applications that have been managed by the system with one login.
  2. What is the impact of implementing the SSO system on my Qontak account?
    With the implementation of the SSO system, you only need to log in using 1 email and 1 password for all Mekari accounts.
  3. What happens when I have a different password from one account to another?
    SSO applies 1 email = 1 password, which when using a new password on a Qontak account will have an impact on other Mekari accounts.
  4. Can I log in with the current password when I have a new account on Qontak's Omnichannel?
    If the account has added a new account or changed the password, please use the latest password.
  5. What should I do when I want to reset my password?
    To reset the password, click "Forgot Password" and please try logging in again after changing the password.
  6. Will the new password I reset affect other Mekari accounts?
    Yes, it will affect
  7. What if I have previously used a dummy email on a Qontak Omnichannel account? (example: xx@yz.co.id)
    If you previously used a dummy email, then you can contact Qontak's WhatsApp Hotline to change your email.
  8. What if I want to change my Qontak email and match it with another Mekari account?
    Please contact the Qontak support team via Hotline, to request to change your Qontak Omnichannel email.
  9. How do I register a Qontak account when I already have another Mekari account?
    When adding a new account to the Qontak Omnichannel, we recommend using an email already registered with another Mekari account.
  10. How do I verify the password on another Mekari account when I add a new account on Qontak Omnichannel?
    When you add a Mekari account to the Qontak Omnichannel, other Mekari accounts will automatically follow the password used on the Qontak account and your account will be asked to verify to enter the latest password.


  1. How do I start a chat with a customer?
    The WhatsApp API feature does not allow users to send or initiate conversations directly to customers, for example: "Hello, can anyone help? Hello, how are you, Mr / Mrs?". To start a chat for the first time with a customer, for this WA API, you can only use 2 outbound message methods, namely by sending a special High Structured Messages (HSM) template for chats that have expired and sending broadcast/campaign messages. For this campaign message, in addition to sending messages to many numbers, you can also send messages to only one number in the same way.
  2. When will the chat room expire?
    Room chat will expired starting from 24 hours referring to the last time the customer replied to a message or the time last seen.
  3. Can I chat first once the room has been resolved?
    No. If the room has been resolved, the conversation can be started again by sending the HSM Template to the customer and with a note that the customer replies to the HSM template. If the customer doesn't reply to the HSM template, the conversation can't be resumed.
  4. Is it possible to change the name & email of the agent?
    Changing the agent's name and email can only be done from the admin account (can only be done with laptop/PC devices). The steps to change the name and email agent: Login admin account - settings - accounts management - user - search user - edit - save.
  5. Are we able to resolve en masse?
    Auto resolved expired chat is a feature that can be used to resolve several chat rooms at once whose status is more than 24 hours or expired without the need for the agent/user to click resolved one by one per room, agent can enable auto resolved expired chat in the resolved all expired chat section
  6. Why is there a new message after the refresh?
    For use on google chrome, make sure you have allowed notifications with these steps: Click on the padlock image on the left of the URL > then on the Notification menu, slide it until it turns blue (meaning you have allowed notifications). With the following steps, the new chat will automatically enter without being refreshed.
  7. How to block contacts?
    To block a contact, you can enter the chat room of the number, then click the red person icon. Keep in mind that blocking contact can only be done on unresolved chats.


  1. How to add samples?
    If there is a use of media/variables when creating the template, then you are required to fill in the section on the add sample menu. Add samples can be adjusted according to the existing column with the template, this step is used to inform Facebook that the template you submitted does not violate Facebook's commerce policy.
  2. What size images can be broadcast?
    The size of the image that can be broadcast is a maximum of 6MB with square size. For more detailed information, you can visit the following link here.
  3. Why does my template take a long time to load when submitted?
    For template loading on submit, this usually happens because of the following errors:
    1. Variable double/unordered
    2. There is a space at the beginning of the sentence
    3. Enter consecutive more than 1x
    4. The number of characters exceeds 1,024
    5. There are double spaces between words
    6. When adding samples using videos, you can use video samples under 10MB
  4. Why my template was rejected?
    For templates that were rejected, this is a direct assessment by FB, here is a recap of the broadcast conditions:
    1. It must not contain promotional or hard-selling content, sentences, or words.
    - solution: put it in a variable
    2. No shortened links such as bit.ly, linktree, etc
    - solution: put in variable 3. There should not be too many abbreviations (must be abbreviated according to EYD which is allowed by FB).
    4. Does not contain too many emoticons (maximum 5)
    5. CTA
    - Phone number: the format already starts from the number 8
    - URL: example https://qontak.com/broadcast
    When the template menu is entered only up to ".com/" the rest is a suffix (after approval)
    6. Use good and correct grammar.
    7. If it is rejected :
    - first, delete the ones that have been rejected
    - resubmit again with a different template title from the previous one
    - submit the template 2/3 days before broadcast
  5. How do I create a new list?
    Log in to the Admin account, then click Broadcast, then click List, select Create New List, then click Upload Custom Contact, fill in the List name, click the desired file, fill in File, and finally click Select File and Save.
  6. Why my template is pending?
    When the template has a pending status, it means that your template is being reviewed by the Facebook team. For the update of the template status with a time range of 0-24 hours, we also need to inform you that the approval comes from Facebook so Qontak's cannot speed up the process. However, if it's been >24 hours, the template is still pending, please contact our support team.
  7. How to use variables during broadcasts?
    Variables are used to customize a word, how to use it, you can use the {{1}} symbol with numbers changing sequentially, to store variable data, you can add them in the excel column starting from column E.
  8. Why did I fail to upload the list?
    To avoid failed uploads, you can ensure the following things first:
    1. Make sure all column formats are "Text"
    2. All variables don't use the consecutive enter
    3. Column headings are all lowercase without spaces
    4. If you have followed steps 1-3 it still doesn't work, please convert the file format to .xlsx
  9. How to Broadcast via API?
    To broadcast via API, you can access it here.


  1. How to check my balance
    To check the balance, you can go through the admin account, then enter the finance menu -> select billing usage -> refer to the remaining balance column.
  2. How do I see my conversation quota?
    To see the conversation quota, go to the Finance menu > then click Billing Usage > and it can be seen in the Remaining Balance section.
  3. What is Monthly Conversation Credit?
    Monthly Conversation Credit is the number of conversations that occur each month. Each session will be counted from the first time the Agent replies to the message and is valid for 24 hours after that.
  4. What is a Monthly Unique Visitor?
    Monthly Unique Visitors is the number of unique IDs (1 unique ID is calculated from 1 number for WhatsApp and 1 account ID for other channels such as IG, Twitter, Email, and Facebook) in each month.
  5. How do I calculate my MCC & MUV Credit?
    MUV and MCC will deduct your balance when the MCC and MUV quota provided for FREE is up. The cost of 1 MUV for 1 number per month is Rp. 600 and for MCC is divided into 2, namely:
    a. Rp. 275 to reply to 1 new message from a customer and will be valid for 24 hours after that.
    b. Rp. 460 to initiate messages in advance to customers such as sending broadcasts, HSM, and starting chat when the session ends.
  6. Can my MUV & MCC balance be transferred in the next month?
    The MUV balance cannot be transferred in the following month, while the MCC quota can be transferred to the next number.
  7. What is the difference between WhatsApp Monthly Conversation Credit and WhatsApp Conversation Top-Up Credit?
    WhatsApp Monthly Conversation Credit is a quota for credit that can be used to reply to messages and send broadcasts for FREE, while WhatsApp Conversation Top-Up Credit is the amount of quota that you can use after Top Up.


  1. Where does the Total Chat data come from?
    Total chat is the total number of conversations that enter your account, including broadcasts and inbound messages.
  2. How is the response time calculated?
    Response Time is calculated from the average time the chat is assigned to the Agent until the conversation is resolved.
  3. Can I get a Customer Satisfaction Survey or CSAT report?
    Yes, to get a CSAT report by logging in to the Admin account Omnichat, click Reports, click CSAT, click the desired channel, click the desired date filter, and click the down arrow.


  1. How to integrate my Email?
    To integrate your email into the Qontak omnichannel system, please generate an app password to get a 20-digit code which will be entered in the Password (Encrypted) section.
  2. Can I integrate email outside of Outlook/Yahoo/Gmail?
    Can. However, to get a password from the generated app password, you need to do the steps independently depending on the email provider you are currently using.
  3. How to integrate Webchat?
    To integrate web chat you need to do the following steps:
    1. Please enter your Widget Name and Domain. For the domain part, there is no need to add "/" at the end. example: https://chat.qontak.com/ -> FALSE https://chat.qontak.com -> TRUE
    2. Click Connect
    3. Copy the code before the </body> tag on your website
  4. Why did my email message fail?
    If you fail to send a message, please make sure your email is enabled 2FA or auto forwarder and generate an app password during the integration process.
  5. What does it mean when my customer name is n/a on Instagram?
    If your customer's name is n/a on Instagram, it means that the name is not detected on the Instagram API so it cannot be displayed on the Qontak Omnichannel.
  6. Why can't I send messages on Facebook/Instagram?
    When you fail to send a message on Facebook/Instagram, please reconnect by clicking the integration menu -> disconnect -> reconnect.


  1. How do I set working hours?
    To set up your Office Hour account, you can do the following steps:
    a. Admin account login
    b. Click Settings
    c. Click Chat-click Office Hours
    d. Select the hour you want to set
    e. Click Save
  2. How do I make a quick reply?
    Login to the admin account, then click Settings, then select Template, click New Template, fill in the Template Title, fill in the Template message, and finally click Save.


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