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How to See The Deals Menu Appearance on Qontak Web Version

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Deals is a CRM feature provided by Qontak that can show and record all workflow transactions in real-time at your company. To find out the appearance of Deals, follow these steps:

  1. Login to your Qontak CRM account.
  2. Go to the Deals Menu.
  3. Here is the web view that appears after you press the Deals menu, with the features provided.


    - Add Deals:  This serves to add your deals.
    - Download: This serves to download deals in excel form.
    - Bulk Change: This serves to make owner changes and grant access deals in bulk.
    - Delete: This serves to remove deals in bulk.
    - Filter: This serves to find deals according to the criteria you are filtering.
    - Search: To make it easier for you to find the deal you are looking for.
    - Dropdownlist pipeline: To make it easier for you to find the flow you want to monitor and/or that you will use.
    - Show: This serves to adjust the amount of crush that appears on your display.
  4. On the Deals Menu, you can also find the stage deal, which is a workflow specification.5.png

    You can see the deal/transaction at a certain stage in more detail by clicking on Deals.