How to Open, Edit and Delete Contacts on Web Version

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In the Contacts menu, you can open, edit and delete contacts that have been created.

  1. To open a contact or view contact details you can click the Contacts menu. Then, click the name on the contact or by clicking the edit button as shown below.01.png

    When the Company name is clicked you will be redirected to a company page with more complete details.

  2. To make edits to a contact, you can do the steps above, then click the field you want to change/edit. When you have made edits to contact, don't forget to click Save to save the changed data and Update Contact to return to the main menu of the Contacts menu.
  3. If you want to delete a contact that you have, you can delete it through the main menu of the contact menu and select the contact to be deleted, then click delete contact as shown below.
  4. If a pop-up appears, Are you sure you want to remove this? No ”Remove” Select Remove if you agree to delete contact data and select “No” if you change your mind or do not want to delete contact data.