How to Overcome the Appearance of System Messages on Chatbots and Autoresponders

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On Qontak, Chatbot and Autoresponder have a quota that you have to top up if the quota runs out. But if you don't top up, then you will see a display like the following.

To overcome this, you can top up in two ways, namely by contacting the Qontak support team or doing a self top up in the following way:

  1. Enter the Package usage menu .
  2. Click "Top up balance" .
  3. Then, click “+WhatsApp conversation balance”.
  4. Then select the nominal you want.
  5. If so, then click “Review order”.
  6. Double check the nominal that you previously entered, if it is correct, click “Continue to payment”.
  7. Then, you will be directed to the payment page. And select the payment method you want.
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