How to Submit a Custom Report on Qontak CRM

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The Qontak CRM has a report menu that you can use to access various reports related to CRM. And on the report menu, you can also create custom reports that can be tailored to your company's needs. But before that, you need to make a custom report request to the Qontak team first

Following are the steps for creating a custom report in Qontak CRM.

  1. Log in to your Qontak CRM account. 
  2. Go to Report Template Menu, then click the “Custom” tab to enter the Custom report tab.
  3. Click “Book consultation” to make custom report requests to the Qontak team.
  4. Then a pop-up will appear as follows.
    No Column Explanation
    1 Phone number Enter your telephone number. 
    2 Numbers of employee Choose the number of employees in your company.
    3 Custom Report Title Enter the title or name of the custom report that you want to submit.
    4 Why do you need this dashboard to be customized? Enter the reason you want to create a custom report.
    5 Other Components, Attributes, and Notes Enter the components, attributes, or notes in the custom report that you want to add.
    6 I am the decision maker for this add-on feature Check this if you have a role as a decision-maker in adding this custom report.
    7 Submit Click to submit the form to the Qontak team.
  5. After you have filled out the form, the Qontak team will contact you. Then you can discuss the requirements report that you need. If the discussion process is complete, then the Qontak team will develop the custom report that you submitted.

This is an explanation of how to submit a custom report creation in Qontak CRM. Furthermore, you can learn how to view custom reports that have been made, here.