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How to Set Up 24 Hours HSM Template

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On  the Qontak Omnichannel, there is a 24 Hours HSM Template feature which is in the Broadcast menu section. This feature allows you to edit and create message reply templates that will be received by customers or message recipients. Here are the steps for using this feature.

  1. Enter the  Broadcast  Menu and select  HSM Template .
    7. png
  2. Then click  "+ Add HSM Template" .
    mceclip2. png
  3. To create a new template, you must fill in the fields provided. If it is filled, then click  "Continue"  to go to the next process.

    - Make sure the Template name  does not use capital letters and spaces.
    - To learn more about the template category on Choose Category, click this guidebook.

  4. Then, click  "Submit"  if the data you entered is correct. 

    - Media content: Select the media you want to use, optionally in this template. If you choose to use media, then you must include the media content and select it by clicking "Browse file".
    Template language: Select the language that will be used for the template.
    Preview message: You can see the preview template that you created on the right side of the display.
    Enter the text for your message: You can write templates here with a maximum of 1024 characters. 
    - There are bold, italics, and strikethrough.
    + Add Variable: A variable parameter to replace the variable with customer name, product name, URL, delivery service, etc. For more details, click here.
  5. A notification pop-up  will appear if the data you submitted is correct.

    If the data you enter is incorrect or has not been filled in, the system will automatically display a notification in a column such as  "field is required" .

If the message "The conversation has been expired" appears in the chat room and does not display the HSM Template. You can do the following:
- You can update your Qontak Chat application. Please go to the Play Store or App Store and click "Update".
- If you are still experiencing the same problem, you can reinstall the Qontak Chat application through the Play Store or App Store.
- If you have done both of the above and are still experiencing the same problems, please contact the  Qontak WhatsApp Hotline and attach data such as the specifications of the device used and screenshots of the problems you are experiencing.

This is a guide on how to set up the 24 Hours HSM Template on Qontak Omnichannel. Furthermore, you can study the WhatsApp Blast Message Category on the Broadcast Menu here.